Friday, October 17, 2003

Friday October 17, 2003

I woke up this morning with a nasty sore throat and the voice of a frog. Yuck. I've pretty much felt just as bad all day. Not a day I particularly felt like teaching. Also not a day that I wanted to spend being bugged by a bored six year old.

So, we started our lessons with the plural nouns and verbs. We discussed the ending of -es for words that end with x, s, ss, sh, and ch. After a few practice words, he had the idea. We then read the story "How the Whale Got His Throat" from the Rudyard Kipling "Just So Stories". Reagan really enjoyed that. He's looking forward to reading the other stories in the book. During the story we picked out plural nouns and verbs, how they were spelled, and said why. Then we discussed past tense and did some exercises adding -ed to verbs. He didn't have any trouble with that concept either.

In Spelling he completed a worksheet which looked for rhyming words and words that fit definitions. Then he had his final test. He spelled jug with a backwards j, and he spelled rug with an a. But he got it right on the pre-test and when I asked him verbally, so I guess we'll do it with the spelling review next week, but I wont lose any sleep over it.

For Reading we discussed beginning, middle, and end as it relates to stories. Then we applied it to "Where the Wild Things Are". He totally got the idea. I didn't see the need to beat him over the head with it.

In Math we talked about how an addition problem is adding two parts to make a whole. Then we said that a subtraction problem is having the whole and one part, and then discovering what the other part is. We demonstrated using Legos. As we made up problems we would write down the equation. I also brought up how you can check your subtraction with an addition problem, and how to do that. He didn't quite get that, but it's okay. He gets frustrated easily, so I try to keep new things light. I remind him that if he knew everything, he'd have to teach me. And I encourage him frequently.

We didn't continue the book of safety do's and don'ts. He really wasn't interested in making a book, and he understands about the importance of safety even if I can't get him to stop talking to strangers! I'd like to finish it, but maybe next week when I feel more human.

In History we finished the chapter on mummies with a section on the pyramids. Reagan was amazed at the ability of the ancient Egyptians to haul 3 ton blocks up the pyramids. After our reading he dictated to me what he remembered of the section. He's really enjoyed studying Egypt. The other night we had to sit down and google for what Egyptians used for pillows, what they ate, and what kids played with. We did that because he wanted to know. I think he'll definitely remember the answers. In a couple of weeks we should start on the Israelites. I think that will be the time to watch "The Prince of Egypt" together. I'm hoping it will bring the two pieces of history together in a way that is meaningful to him.

I was hoping to do some more in our maps study or Spanish, but I didn't have the energy to push him. I'm happy with what he was able to accomplish. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow

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