Saturday, October 18, 2003

Saturday October 18, 2003

So, we started Week 8 in the Learn at Home textbook on a Saturday, per Reagan's wishes. With pregnancy fatigue, our weeks have been very creative. Definitely not Mon-Fri.

Reagan had absolutely no problem changing singular nouns to plural nouns. He could define both, and demonstrate it without difficulty. He spelled every word of his spelling test correctly. I wonder if I shouldn't be finding him more difficult words to spell, possibly 2nd grade lists. It's just that he's so proud of himself, hesitate to take that away. The only trouble we had was with letter formation. Despite all of our hard work, he still tends to work too fast and make letters backward. We'll keep plugging on!

He read Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are" and acted out various verbs. That was so much fun. Nothing like Reagan and Mommy on the floor "rolling their terrible eyes" at each other, and "showing their terrible claws". He only had trouble with a couple of words in the story, such as "roaring" and "gnashing". His reading is so improved, I'm thrilled. Now if I could just convince him that reading can be just as much fun by yourself!

In math we discussed how equations with different numerals can equal the same number. We practiced with large legos and then he completed a worksheet with M&M counters. His favorite. Yummy!

We then read about the Egyptians early writing, hieroglyphics, the Sumerians, cuneiform, the invention of paper and the benefits/drawbacks of each medium.

Then we read about God being one and three at the same time. We finished by singing the Doxology.

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