Sunday, October 12, 2003

Sunday October 12, 2003

We started the day with 9 am Mass. Great for the kids because they have the liturgy of the Word for children, where the kids leave church and learn about the scriptures at their level. If only Piper could go, then maybe I'd actually hear the sermon! Reagan reported that they discussed an animal leading the others to food. Together we talked about the importance of stewardship, helping others, and the leadership of Christ.

This afternoon Reagan practiced his Spanish lesson, via the Rosetta Stone software, kindly on loan to us from the Grandparents. He's on lesson two and is learning verbs. So far he's learned the Spanish words for walking, running, jumping, dancing, falling, reading, flying, and swimming. I'll have to tie that in to our study of verbs in English. I love the way the software uses pictures, words, and sound for a really integrated experience. It's definitely an immersion program. I have to do the lesson for the first time with him as he needs the translation. Then he pretty much has to do the same lesson over and over for repetition. Once he's averaging 85% or higher, we can move on to the next lesson. One of the reasons I love homeschooling, we can move at his pace!

For Home Economics, he learned a bit more about caring for a toddler, as he helped to change diapers and keep his little sister entertained.

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