Thursday, October 23, 2003

Thursday October 23, 2003

Today we started school after lunch. I slept a lot this morning as I'm still sick, and the kids kindly watched PBS and played sweetly together. I'm not sure what they did with my real children, but I'm not complaining!

We started with scripture reading. Matthew Chapter 9. Most of it was about Jesus healing and the importance of faith. Reagan colored and listened very nicely.

For Language Skills we completed together a list of adjectives and nouns starting with certain letters of the alphabet. For example "nine noodles" or "large lemon". Reagan had a bit of difficulty in the beginning, coming up with adjectives, but by the end he was on a roll.

We skipped Spelling. But I did find a new website that allows you to make puzzles, so I picked random spelling words and made him a word search for tomorrow.

The Reading review today was for singular and plural nouns, but we're doing a project on that tomorrow, so I skipped today's review.

In Math we cut out shapes and he glued them onto a piece of construction paper to make pictures. He made a guy in a skate park, under a bright yellow sun, with a tree full of eggs, and a butterfly. I love to see his creativity. While he worked, I asked him how we could group these shapes. We discussed sorting by shape, color, and size. I think he's got the point.

For Science we reviewed parts of the body, and he colored a hand out called "Body Buddies". He did mix up his lungs and his kidneys. But we worked it out.

We reviewed personal information AGAIN. We're just going to have to keep doing it. I think it's got to be part of every day for a while. He's just got to learn it. We're making a habit or saying our address together 3 times, then our phone number together 3 times.

We followed today's lessons with a half an hour of free reading. He read "My Friend Chicken", "Smudge's Grumpy Day", and "I'm Not Feeling Well Today"

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