Sunday, November 16, 2003

Monday November 17, 2003

Well, we've been in California this weekend, visiting family. So much of my family has been supportive of my decision to homeschool, yet there is something hidden deep within some public school teachers that makes them suspicious of taking education out of the hands of professionals. My mother has some of those suspicions. I honestly think she believes that I'm a good teacher. It's obvious that Reagan is getting what he needs. But there is something in the ether of a school that isn't possible to come by at home.

She remarked to me that one of her girlfriends from college (also a teacher) has grandchildren that are being homeschooled. She seemed to feel that they had failed us somehow by making us want to give up the standard in favor of something else. I know most homeschooling parents have family who think they're crazy. I just need to let it roll off my back, I suppose.

Reagan has done great this weekend. He's impressed people with his reading skills, and his artistic skill. He's had a great time, and been a really good boy. We're about halfway through the Magician's Nephew. Reagan says it's getting better and better all the time.

This was our first weekend with my step-daughter in almost 5 months, and it was great to have her with us. She's such a neat kid. She got straight A's on her report card, and is starting to learn Latin. She's interested in forensic science, and has a sharp mind. She may need a bit more patience, as she skips to the ends of books to find out what happened thus ruining them for herself. But she is just 11. She's one of those people who will succeed at anything, if she just puts some work into it. And she's not afraid to do that.

Piper is learning everyday, too. Just yesterday she learned that she can show people her bellybutton. Just ask her and she'll pull up her shirt and show it to you. It's very cute.

Today we go home to Minnesota, and it'll be school on the plane and home to bed. Reagan would miss so many days of traditional school with the way we travel. It's like the more I do this, the more reasons there are to keep doing it.

I hope our sea-monkeys are okay.

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