Friday, November 07, 2003

Saturday November 8, 2003

This past week has gone by very slowly. I started to cough early in the week when the weather changed, and after that I completely lost my voice. I've almost completely gotten it back now, but it made it very hard to read and teach. So we're pretty behind. I think it will take us two weeks to finish week 11.

We're doing long e words in spelling, and I've realized that it's confusing that some words are one e at the end while others are two. We, bee, see, he all have the same sound, but different spelling rules. Reagan is learning that all words don't follow the same rules.

He's also learning about subject and predicate. He's had to memorize the definition of both words, and how to identify them in a sentence.

We've continued work with graphs, and ordinal numbers. He's not had too much trouble. I'm hoping we move back to the addition and subtraction as I think he needs more practice without counters.

For Science we're still studying plants and leaves. It was made a bit hard during the beginning of the week as we were to go on a nature walk, but it snowed. We got our Seamonkeys this week in preparation for our unit in the co-op. The first batch of hatchlings were dropped by Reagan and the second batch by Piper! It was very frustrating. I'd hoped to have happy swimming babies for the kids to see on Friday, but it was not to be. So on Friday I discussed what Seamonkeys are, how they live, what we need for them, and how to prepare their homes. I had the kids add water to two tanks and take turns stirring in the water purifier. I'm trying to keep both tanks safely out of the reach of my own little monkeys!

I need to work on making regular posts on the blog again. I've just had a particularly exhausting week.

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