Saturday, November 22, 2003

Sunday November 23, 2003

Well, our move is complete. We're into the new place and couldn't be happier with it.

Reagan is very excited about his new room. He thinks the door to the bathroom at the end of the closet is like a secret passageway. I love that he has such a great imagination. I'm looking forward to finding new and interesting ways to encourage that in him.

My Minnesota twin came by yesterday with cookies and a wagon. God bless her! I'm not sure which one of those things was a bigger hit with the kids, or with me for that matter. We spent the rest of the day going back and forth between the apartments. I'd cart the kids over in the wagon, we'd fill it up and bring it back. Reagan and Piper absolutely LOVED it. Reagan thinks we should get one of our own.
The kids' room is bigger and they actually have room to play in it. Now I can bring up a table that we've had in storage, and Reagan's easel. It'll be great to have more indoor things to do since it's begun snowing here. There's a good 5 inches of light powder on our balcony.

There are ways to educate no matter what you're doing. Since Piper poured out all of Reagan's legos, we sorted them by size, shape, and color before putting them away. MATH! We listened to Wee Sing Bible Songs. Religious Ed! Reagan read to Piper while I put things away. Reading and Home Ec!

I'm finding that learning experiences are everywhere. And my kids are getting better at finding them, right along with me.

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