Monday, November 17, 2003

Tuesday November 18, 2003

The first day back home is always far too busy. This is probably the only break I'll get all day, so I had to sit down and write. It feels so good to be home! I never thought Minnesota would feel like home, but it finally does. I really don't think I'll ever want to go back to California.

Reagan and I had lessons on the plane yesterday, and he got a perfect score on his spelling test. I always get comments when we have lessons on a flight. Most people think we're completing assigned homework. Occasionally I get people who are very interested in fact that I'm teaching him, as opposed to helping him. On the way to California I met a woman with a 1 year-old who was interested in homeschooling and had actually picked up literature from my support group. When I recommended the group to her, she perked right up. When you start thinking about homeschooling, it seems you run into homeschooling moms everywhere. It happened to me at least and I hope I gave her some encouragement. I think a lot of us start thinking about it for slightly selfish reasons. We really like our kids, and don't want to be away from them for 6 hours a day. And we certainly don't want some stranger to get all of the moments where they learn something for the first time. We want it all. Then we find out that there are many benifits to the children and soon we're hooked on the idea.

Today we wont get too much teaching done. Reagan will work on his Spanish in a bit, and I'll have him do some things in his workbooks. But I have to unpack, do laundry, and actually complete my planning of this weeks lessons. Reagan is really excited about school. He wants me to finish my lesson plans so that we can start today.

We read two chapters in the Magicians Nephew on the plane yesterday. I agree with Reagan, it's getting better and better. Aslan has just begun creating Narnia, and I think we're both longing to go back and find out what's going to happen with the children.

Reagan got to visit with his dad while we were out, and now that we've got visitation all worked out with my step-daughter (our not seeing her was not by choice) we can be out on a routine schedule, it will be easier for his dad to make plans to be with him. Split/blended families never have the absolute optimum situation. But I think we do remarkably well. Reagan is growing up healthy, happy, nurtured, and loved. He says he's lucky, because he has two dads. His dad and step-dad get along, and our door is always open to him. We've worked very hard to create a comfortable relationship that our son will do well in. And it's worked. He's never had to feel pulled in two directions, or that he's being disloyal by loving everyone. No one always gets what they want, but I'll make that sacrifice for Reagan. I think when he compares notes to other people in his situation as an adult, he's going to be grateful. Well, at least I hope so!

Well, I'm off to the next laundry load!

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