Friday, December 26, 2003

December 26, 2003

Well, I have reached a new stage in my pregnancy. This is the stage where I am no longer comfortable, I am generally in a state of slight agitation, and I am forging a new deep and personal relationship with my Tums bottle. Yes, I have indeed hit the third trimester and remembered WHY I don't like carrying the little bundles all the way to 40 weeks. By the doctors calendar I have just over 10 weeks left. But I believe that God will not make me suffer more than another 8. And that still sounds like a very long time.

On a brighter note, we had a very nice day after Christmas. The kids and I played with toys and I gave into some of the nesting instincts that have suddenly crept up since I no longer have as much energy or ability to bend at the waist. With the help of my house is becoming quite manageable and I don't have to spend the whole day on it.

Reagan completed some word puzzles I had made him for our winter week, and he sorted a bunch of little toys by color. We finally got the new Leap Pad pen in the mail and after putting it on he rediscovered one of his favorite toys. He got a new book for it for Christmas and was having a great time. And it's totally educational!

We have had less and less TV in the recent weeks, and I think we're much the better for it. Reagan's attitude always seems more positive, and I have fewer issues with him. Today he wrote me a letter and invited me to join his club. He was absolutely shocked when I told him other little boys didn't want their moms to join their clubs. He can't imaging not liking your parents or your siblings. That made me really happy.

Some people think he's missing out on public school. Well, I'd like those people to spend a day in a public school with a bunch of young boys and tell me what they do to each other that my child is really being deprived of. It is not the job of the public schools to teach social skills. It never has been. I'll handle that, thank you! So far, I think we're doing very well. Right now I can hear my son making his baby sister laugh. Despite the age and gender difference, they're best playmates. I don't think it would be that way if he was in school. That makes me proud.

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