Tuesday, December 30, 2003

December 30, 2003

I'm so proud of us today! I got up this morning (despite still being tired) and made breakfast, did laundry, did an hour of house cleaning, taught the kiddo, and took care of Piper who seems to be coming down with another cold.

It's got to be the nesting instinct!

Thanks to FLYlady my home is becoming more organized. I'm happier. I'm easier to get along with. Or at least as easy as can be expected when I feel like a whale. I do love being pregnant, and the third trimester isn't as bad for me as the first, but I'm getting to the point where I'd rather hold my baby in my arms than in my belly.

Reagan is learning about 10 ones equaling one 10. First I gave him a bunch of m&m's. After counting up to ten by putting them in the ones column, he would slide them over into the 10's column. Eventually he had 3 groups in the tens and one left over. So he could see how that made the number 31. Then I had him practice the same concept on a computer game he has. I need to use the game more often. He really enjoys it and it does help cement the concepts for him.

This afternoon the kids and I made pop-up New Year's cards. It was a lot of fun. I'm amazed at how creative kids can be when not expected to do things a certain way. I find that the more I do with them the fewer instructions I give. I love to see what they'll come up with on their own.

They also got a chance to go out and play in the snow. Karina and Reagan went out by themselves (where I could see them out the window) and took a spray bottle with green colored water in it to paint the snow. A great suggestion from my Minnesota Twin. They threw snow at each other and had a grand time. When they came in their cheeks were rosy from the cold.

It's a rare day that I feel I've done so much. So, as a reward, I'm going to go play with my family who are happily watching the fire in the living room and making each other laugh.

How blessed we are.

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