Friday, December 05, 2003

December 5, 2003

Yay for a day with no water emergencies! The maintenance guys brought our washer/dryer this morning. Of course we were all still getting ready for the day. But, hey, I'm grateful!

We had playgroup this morning. Reagan and Piper both had fun playing with the other kids. Afterward we went with my Minnesota Twin and her wee ones to McDonald's and we let the kids run off a lot of pent up energy. They just don't spend as much time running around outside when it's cold and snowy out. I think Reagan saved up all of his energy all week, just for today.

We got home and I set about putting the house right, and getting things done. I really intended to do more schoolwork with Reagan today. But I had one of my days. The pregnancy just took it out of me.

At McDonald's today, we met another homeschooling mom and talked with her for a bit. It's always interesting to talk to other moms who've made the same choice. I wish her all the best with her little girls.

Reagan and one of his "girl" friends were wrestling today. And I was thinking tonight that this was one of the teachable moments that I have that a teacher simply wouldn't. It wouldn't be his or her place. I was able to talk to my son about how a young man should behave toward a young lady. To him she's just another kid, but I know God has other expectations of my young son. It is my job to raise him to be a man. And a real man will look after, protect, honor, and be courteous to women. I want this for his wife, his family, and all of the women that he will come in contact with. Reagan feels important, valuable, and honored by my giving him such a "grown-up" responsibility.

Maybe I set my expectations too high. But I believe in him. I believe that with God, and with this family, he can be the man that God wants him to be. And he seems to like that I expect it. He works harder to meet those standards, and is proud of his accomplishments.

I think our society de-values men. If husbands, fathers, protectors, and providers aren't really necessary for us "liberated" women, what do our sons do? Well, I wont be raising my children that way. And when I see my son pull himself up straighter and talk about protecting the girls he knows, my heart fills with pride and love for him.

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