Friday, January 23, 2004

Goodbye Baby Grace

Dominic and Reagan have gone to California for the weekend, leaving Piper and me home by ourselves. Dominic didn't feel comfortable leaving me any closer to my due date considering the preterm labor and he wanted to spend as much time with his daughter as possible. Since Reagan and I haven't been out since Thanksgiving, we decided he should go too. Grandma and Grandpa had left the Christmas tree (their first artificial) up with the presents underneath, just for him.

After a couple of phone calls from my parents house it seems everyone made it and is having a wonderful time. I only wish I could be there. In any event, the support continues with another mom from my support group showing up late this morning for a nice visit and a spaghetti pie. Oh, to not have to cook anything. I've been contracting more today and have had to double up on my medication.

Piper and I have had a really nice day together. She plays very nicely by herself and with mommy. We read books, watched a couple of videos, and played with her toys in her room. All with me on the futon couch. I did try to stay off my feet, really.

For those of you following the story of my friend and her baby, it is over. Baby Grace was stillborn today around 3 pm Colorado time. She was small, but beautiful, and her parents were able to hold her and say goodbye. They took pictures and were very peaceful about the whole experience. God gave them what they wanted, outcome considered. The delivery was easy and very calm. Grace isn't in any pain, and her parents know that they will see her again. Thank you for your prayers. If you think of them in the coming weeks, continue to pray. I don't know how well their spirits will hold up when all of the family has gone home and they're left with all of it. They have decided to try again as soon as possible. I'm praying that they're successful, and blessed with joy at the birth of their next child.

As for me and mine, we're doing just fine. Baby is kicking and moving. He or she doesn't seem to be at all bothered by the contractions. I'm definitely getting more tired as the pregnancy goes on and am having a harder time getting around. Really, though, I have no complaints. I'm blessed far more than I deserve.

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