Tuesday, January 20, 2004


I really want to take one post and focus on my husband. With Dr. Laura's new book out (which I really want to read) and all of the comments I've gotten relating to wonderful husbands, I just want to take some time to acknowlege mine.

I have a husband who works 60 hours a week to provide a home, food, and clothing for his family. He does this without complaining (most of the time) and for the sole joy of being able to say that he provides for us.

I have a husband who was sad that I won't going to be able to go to California this weekend after all. Not because he was going to miss me (which he is) but because he'd gotten in touch with a girlfriend of mine and was planning a surprise baby shower for me. Who has a baby shower with a third baby? Not many! But my husband loves me so much, he thought I deserved a party. I could cry just thinking about it!

I have a husband who plays with his children. He tucks them in at night and changes diapers. He makes them laugh, but is the first to stand up for me if he thinks they're being disrespectful. He parents with me and is involved in his children's care.

I have a husband who compliments me on our home and makes me feel appreciated every day. I have a husband who's called me 10 times from work today to make sure that I was off my feet, drinking water, and that the kids were being nice to me.

So many of us are blessed by our husbands. God has created us as helpmeets for them. When we sit back at the end of our day and look at all our husbands have done for us, I hope we can find at least one thing that we have done to show them how much they mean to us.

When you see your husband, wrap your arms around his neck, tell him you love him, and tell him thank you. I should thank my husband for allowing me to be my kids' mom, for allowing me to be at home and teach, and for being everything I could ever ask for. He has made all of my dreams come true.

I'm tempted to sit and complain after being in bed all day. I want to gripe about my back and that I'm tired and how I'm so bored already and want to clean the house. But instead I should get down on my knees and thank the wonderful, merciful God who sent me Dominic. He is a symbol of God's Grace in my life. I didn't deserve him, but God gave him to me anyway.

Thank you to all the wives who don't buy into the idea that to be modern women we have to speak disrespectfully about the men who take care of us. May we keep encouraging eachother to be the wives and mothers that we have been called to be.

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