Saturday, January 10, 2004

January 10, 2004

This morning I drove Dominic to the airport. He's going back to California to pick up Karina and take her for the weekend. He would have gone yesterday, but she went to a birthday party. We miss him when he goes by himself, but I haven't felt much up to travel and it's good for them to have time together by themselves.

Reagan and I started a new week of lessons. He's doing so well. He's slowly becoming more independent. It's so nice to do what we do. If he has a question or needs help, I'm right there. And it seems to be paying off. His Math Skills are improving as well as everything else.

We started with Religious Education. I've started to switch off lessons. One day we work on Catechism or from a children's book, the next we read scripture and copy a memory verse. Every day we start with prayer.

He talked to his Godmother today, and told her how sorry he is about her baby. My sweet boy even called J. last night (again) and asked him to pray for them. Still no word from J. on where he is, etc.

Piper is getting to be more fun every day. Her newest interest is in the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song. She loves the hand movements and will put my hands together as a way to ask me to sing it again. She never seems to get sick of it. Her vocabulary has still not expanded from "Uh oh" and "Ball" but she's so ready to take off vocally. And she's such a girl. She loves the telephone.

I'm having so much fun with my children. I wish I could hibernate here all Winter with them, just singing and playing, and birthing, and nursing. I'd be a happy lady. A little more pale perhaps, but a happy lady nonetheless.

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