Sunday, January 11, 2004

January 11, 2004

We went to 9 am Mass today. The Gospel reading was from Mark and talked about Jesus' baptism in the Jordan. As a reminder of our own baptismal covenant the Priest came around sprinkling us all generously with Holy Water. Reagan was a bit perplexed at why the Priest would get him all wet. After all, didn't he know that Reagan doesn't like being wet? Geez! So this afternoon when we did school, we spent part of Religious Ed. discussing baptism and what it means. Reagan just celebrated the 6th anniversary of his own baptism. Now he's at an age where we can bring out his baptismal candle, light it, and discuss what that means for us. After Mass I prayed and lit a candle for my friend, her husband, and their baby. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for them. She has been touched by so many people reaching out, and by so many who don't know her offering support through prayer.

School lasted a couple of hours today. We finished the LA lessons as well as Spelling, Reading, and Science. Tomorrow all we'll need to do is a couple of exercises in those subjects to reinforce the principles. And of course his Spelling test. I did teach him about the many languages in China. Thank you to my Observer for that information. And tomorrow we'll read about farming in China.

Math is coming right along as he's adding two digit numerals now. We're not up to carrying yet. But he's really started to grasp the concepts. Even doing problems on paper, he's getting all of the answers. Maybe he doesn't always make his numbers face the right way, but he's doing it!

We got an Art book for Christmas, and I need to start reading it, as it's going to give me ideas on how to better mold his artistic ability. He's got real talent, I believe, and I do not. I would love to be able to find some money for formal Art lessons, but in the meantime self-education will do.

In my quest for FLYLady managability in my home, I have begun the FACE program. FACE meaning "Financial Awareness Creates Empowerment." The truth is that I dread sorting out the bills and making budgets. I have been ignoring our finances for months now. I don't like the low balances in our accounts, and so I just stopped looking at them. Now it's time to take charge. So, starting tomorrow I make a budget and sort out bills.

What I wouldn't give to have a job I could do from home. I love being a nurse, but I only work a few days a month. We could definitely use a more steady income. I just wont leave my children in day care to do so. I keep praying that God will open that door for me. And I keep looking. It just hasn't happened yet.

So, hopefully I will sit down and figure out our finances, and find money to pay everyone, and the Angels will sing and the heavens will open, and....okay, so I'd settle for having a little money in our savings account to buy a new vacuum cleaner and a tape player. The vacuum smells like it's on fire and I haven't vacuumed in a month! And Reagan tried to make a play-doh cd in the cd/tape player and broke it (Ah, the joys of having children). Money in case of emergency would be nice too!

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