Tuesday, January 13, 2004

January 13, 2004

We finished up the weeks lessons today. Yipee! We're really making progress. Oddly enough, Reagan's even learning! His vocabulary is improving. His work is fantastic. He's really making strides in all of his subjects. He's reading more and more all the time. He asks questions that show that he's thinking about what we're learning. I'm so happy with homeschooling. He's excited about learning and I'm excited about teaching. We've gotten over the hump.

I got plenty done today. I've de-cluttered. I've cleaned. I've started working out a budget with bills listed, etc. I've washed kids, I've showered (!), and I vacuumed for the first time since we moved in. Who'd have thought I'd be excited about vacuuming?

I was telling my mother today that it's kind of weird when cleaning items become toys. I actually asked my husband for a handheld steam cleaner for the carpet as a birthday present. I used to want stuff. Now my gifts have to have a purpose.

I suppose all of this means that I'm becoming an adult. It's only taken me a husband and 3 kids to come to this point. Speaking of 3 kids, I have done so little to get ready for this baby! I was just thinking today that I don't even have a baby book for him/her. Do you even do a baby book after the second one? I'm so busy I haven't had much time to think about it.

On the J. front, I called the Department of Child Support Services today. When I looked over the court order I realized that he is also supposed to notify them in writing within ten days of changing his address or phone number. I wanted it noted somewhere else that he has moved without notifying anyone. So, that's done. They told me flat out that they have no idea where he is. And he wonders why I don't think he's responsible.

By the Grace of God I have a great husband and beautiful children, and I truly have nothing to complain about.

Oh, and my husband is wonderful and helpful and sweet and kind and he's the best daddy ever. There, I've put in more about daddy. Oh, and everyone should boycott the academy awards if Peter Jackson doesn't win best director this year. That's Dominic's take on it. And of course, he's always right.


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