Wednesday, January 14, 2004

January 14, 2004

I had a doctors appointment this morning. The baby seems to be growing healthy and strong. I did have trace protein and sugar in my urine sample, but my blood pressure is fine and I did have 3 pieces of homemade chocolate cake last night! The doctor would like me to have the gestational diabetes test, but I don't need it. I haven't had it in the past and I have no symptoms. I DO know what to look for.

As for my ongoing anxiety issue, I turned down medication at this point. I'll keep monitoring myself and if I feel that it's getting beyond what I can handle, I'll call. I totally forgot to ask about a referral to a chiropractor. I may call for that, too. My pelvis is SO not where it's supposed to be and I'm not sleeping well.

Today was a day off of school. Today and tomorrow are our weekend days. We'll start school up again on Saturday. We'll be on week 18 in our curriculum. And I think we'll be slightly ahead of Reagan's public school counterparts. I'm really seeing him pick up these Math concepts now. It may take a while for the Math lightbulb to be lit, but it does come on! And I helped! Mom always said I should be a teacher. Or a therapist. I think as a mommy I'm both.

I had a nice talk with an old friend that I haven't seen or spoken to in 8 years! She's happily married and has children. She is even running a baby sling business. Maybe I can hook up a link from here to there. Her slings are cute and VERY reasonably priced.

I've been talking a lot with friends and drawing comfort and strength from those relationships. There is so much truth in the name "Body of Christ" Sometimes I feel God's love directly through their words.

This is the 4th night in a row that Dominic has been home. I LOVE his new schedule. I love having my husband home. Dr. Laura says that a good man is hard to find, but easy to keep. I think that's true. Mine was hard to find, but all I have to do is love him and feed him and he doesn't want to be anywhere else but at home. In fact, I think I'll go do that right now!

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