Thursday, January 15, 2004

January 15, 2004

I didn't sleep well last night. I'm becoming more uncomfortable, and when I finally fell asleep around 5 am, Dominic woke me up to tell me about his bad dream. So I was completely exhausted today!

Since today was a day off from school work, I got a lot of housework done and played with the kids. J. called Reagan, finally, and I got to talk with him also. He gave me his new address and telephone number plus his work info. He also apologized. He told me that his reaction to my e-mail was unfair, and that who he's really mad at is himself. I with my eternal optimism hope that maybe all the right words are followed up by the right actions. We'll see...

My fatigue today meant I had to take a lot of breaks, and when Piper went down for a nap I completely crashed. Poor Reagan was really left alone with the TV today, and I hate letting the TV babysit. My little boy is so good, he let me sleep and watched Aladdin quietly in the living room. Poor thing, I tried to fix his hair again and now he resembles a refugee from a concentration camp. It's so sad. Why don't I get it? I shouldn't cut hair!

This evening I had my class at church which I always enjoy. I have felt such love and support from the group there. I'm finally feeling that I have a church home. I hope I can give back a little of what they've given me. Of course when I came home I had a lot to do. I had to finish the clean-up from dinner and get things ready for tomorrow. You can leave the husband with the house but in the end, it's really my job. As long as he can keep the kids happy, we're good! And they have so much fun when they get to be with daddy. But they never like it when mommy leaves. I think I'll be sad when they don't mind. Even though I know I've given them one of the best daddies ever!

Well baby is poking me hard, telling me to quit hunching over the computer and go to bed. So, goodnight!

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