Sunday, January 18, 2004

January 18, 2004

Yesterday was a very busy day. We didn't get any schoolwork done, but spent most of the day with my Minnesota Twin and her kiddos. I'm telling you, that many kids together makes me tired. Reagan definitely needed to get out of the house and play. We missed playgroup on Thursday and he was starting to get a bit stir crazy.

We fixed Reagan's hair, with my friend K. using her clippers to shear him. He looks very much like a little tiny Marine. And with his recent gun interest, he's acting like one too! The other day he pointed his toy drill at me (we don't have toy guns) and told me that he shot me. While I have no objection to people who have guns and keep them responsibly, we don't have guns in our home. I reminded him that we don't shoot people, it's not nice.

We went to 9 am Mass this morning. Piper was so well behaved! I offered my services as a lector (once I complete RCIA) and my services as a nurse doing blood pressure screenings. I really like our church. People have been so friendly and inviting. We're very comfortable with the Priest and feel that we get a lot from the Masses. Since money is an issue for us now, we don't feel that we can give much financial support to the Parish. Instead I'm looking for ways to donate my talents and my time.

We're getting some interest in our new support group. We've had a couple of new moms come and ask for information and to get hooked up with us. If all the new moms who want to, join, we'll be up to seven families and almost to our membership cap of ten! All of us have 2-3 kids each. Ten families is 20+ kids and more than enough for one group.

I've been working on our new website, so everyone can check it out and see what we look like. The wedding picture I have up was the last time I was officially thin. Dominic and I figured that I have spent most of our marriage pregnant. I'm also barefoot at the moment and was recently in the kitchen, so I'm a stereotype gone bad!

Dominic gets off from work today at a decent hour, so we'll have the evening together. Last night we watched Sleepless in Seattle in front of the fire. Chick Flicks are apparently more appealing if they have Tom Hanks and scenes that mention "The Dirty Dozen." I don't get it, but that's okay.

It's so nice to have him home in the evening. He still picks up hours, but he does it before his shifts. It's almost feeling like a normal family! Now, if I could just hurry up and have this baby, I'd feel pretty close to perfect.

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