Friday, January 02, 2004

January 2, 2004

Today we made a family trip to the Como Park Conservatory and Zoo. The Conservatory was beautifully humid, and the plants were gorgeous. At the Zoo we got up close to zebras, giraffes, a polar bear, and big cats and read about their different habitats. I love how close you can get at this zoo. It's over 100 years old and because it's Minnesota, many of the exhibits are accessible from indoor houses. I've never been less than a foot away from a sleeping African lion before. But I was today. Piper realized that there was a ball in the lion's exhibit and was a little put out that she couldn't go get it. No fear from that child! Giant kitty? No big deal. She wants the ball.

This afternoon the kids played and enjoyed each others company. And then there was dinner and more play. It really seems that play is the most important job they have when they're young. They discover so much. And I love to see how the imagination takes over. Reagan especially can imagine the wildest story. He's a pirate, he's a dinosaur, he's a treasure hunter, and he's totally into whatever game it is that he's playing. I love it.

Karina seems to have really enjoyed her time with the family. Dominic sometimes worries that she wont have a good time with us because we don't have much money to do special things with her. But she always does. We have such a good time doing things together, just as a family. She always seems to thrive on it. We're truly blessed by what a simple, special girl she is.

I also cleared more clutter from the closet. And I've set a goal for myself of giving away 1 book per bookshelf per month. I love books, but we seem to accumulate them faster than we gain space to keep them in. I even managed to find a Goodwill donation center on-line so that I can start giving things away in addition to throwing things away. Every new box tossed is creating a feeling of pride in my home and peace in my heart.

Tomorrow we have to catch up on this weeks lessons! While I think this week has had a lot of educational aspects, we need to have some formal teaching! Sure, regular school isn't in session, but I'm going to be out of service for a bit when the baby comes and I'd like to get ahead if possible. But for tonight I'm not going to think about it anymore. I've let Karina stay up to watch CSI (she wants to be a forensic scientist) and see her daddy come home a little after 11. Normally I insist that she be in bed by 10 as her schedule at home often cuts into her sleep time. But this is her last night here and this is something special I can let her do.

It may seem a bit redundant to keep talking about how blessed I feel by my family, but when the hormonal flux is working in my favor, I've just got to ride the wave!

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