Wednesday, January 21, 2004

January 21, 2004

This morning started out poorly. I had a 9:45 am Doctors appointment as a follow-up to my brief hospital stay. After nearly an hour of waiting (and a very crabby Piper girl) I actually walked out into the hall with the drape around my waist asking if anyone was going to see me anytime soon. When the nurse came in I was in tears. All I wanted was to go back home. As it turns out, nothing creates action faster than a pregnant woman in tears, as I was quickly greeted by the doctor.

The good news is that I've been allowed to space out my medication and I'm now on modified bedrest. Basically, stay off my feet, no heavy lifting, but at least I don't have to be in bed. I can be on the couch or in a chair. As long as I'm staying off my feet, I'm good. I still can't go to California this weekend, though. I was so looking forward to weather that required merely a sweater. But, if baby and I are okay, I'm not complaining!

When I got home it was 5 minutes until Reagan's dentist appointment. With a totally irrational break in my voice, I called his dentists office and explained the situation. They kindly rescheduled him and told me to rest. I know I sounded as if I could break down at any moment. Sometimes pregnancy hormones feel like a bomb that could explode at any moment, unleashing a torrent of tears and words no one can understand but are very meaningful when uttered. Thankfully, I was treated gingerly and was saved from the flood.

Dominic read my post about husbands yesterday and has also commented on how many men he knows who speak badly about their wives. He apparently did too, in his first marriage. It never occurred to him that a married relationship could be what we have. It seems I'm not the only one who feels blessed.

As far as schooling goes, we got a package in the mail from Playhouse Disney today. My favorite show that they do (and Reagan's favorite also) is Stanley. Stanley is a problem solver and he learns about animals in his Great Big Book of Everything. Reagan not only watches, but LEARNS from this show. So, it's on his list of approved watching. Anyway, Disney sent me a whole (FREE) educational package with a video and handouts and a poster! It works on critical thinking, math, science, etc. I'm thrilled, and Reagan is anxious to get to it. I think I'll make it the last subject of the day so he'll work to get to it.

My Minnesota Twin came by today, bringing bread, milk, cheese, cookies, and chili. How nice to have a visit and food! It made my day. I should say thank you to everyone for all of the prayers and good wishes. Fortunately, it looks like if I follow my doctors advice baby and I will be just fine. Just a few more weeks and we'll be safe to go! Now if I could only get the Tums bottle to stop calling my name...

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