Friday, January 09, 2004

My Best Friend's Baby Won't Make It

No school today. It was Reagan's weekend. I love being able to change the week, the schedule, the lessons, or whatever else we need to make education work for him. With our serious limits on TV, he spent a lot of the day playing and helping me. I prefer to see him use his imagination rather than sit back and passively absorb most of what is really cruddy TV. I really think we're both ready for some more snow to fall so that we can make the most of the outdoors. Right now it seems like all there is to do outside is get cold. That's no fun!

Dominic got off of work at 2 today and was able to spend the rest of the day with us. It's always so good to have him home. He's been taking such good care of me. Especially with all that's been going on, my mental state hasn't been fantastic, and he has really tried to keep me in the best possible place. I'm truly blessed by my husband, and I have no idea why God blessed me so.

My friend who's baby is sick has discovered that it isn't Trisomy-18. But it is a genetic disorder afecting one half of her chromosomes, which have been duplicated. The effects on the baby are not that different, but she is at an increased risk by carrying her. She is currently being encouraged to deliver the baby soon. I have told her that as long as she is not at any immediate risk than she can give herself a little bit of time to let her heart catch up to her head. Right now her health is fine, it's just been so much to take on at one time. We used to say we shared a brain. She said last night that she thinks we share a heart. And while I think that's partly true, I'm not sure I can ever truly understand what she's going through. Selfishly, I wish I had words that would help. All I can offer her right now is love and support and hope that I don't smother her with it.

Right now she is worried about everone else. It's in her nature to take care of others before herself, I just hope that she knows when she can't hold it up anymore that all who love her will be there to catch her when she falls. Not the least of whom is her Heavenly Father who's plan is beyond me at the moment, but who I know has one.

And of course Dominic is worried about how the stress is affecting my pregnancy. But we're both healthy and fine. It seems that all of my blessings are magnified by the loss, and I have to fight back feeling guilty that I have so much when someone I love has lost.

So, hold on to those you love, and remember that time flies. Enjoy, and make the most of what you have.

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