Friday, January 16, 2004

My Friend's Baby/Etc.

Sorry to everyone who had trouble getting here over the last couple of days. I had Shout Out for comments, and they fell hard taking my blog with them. It was virtually impossible to load up my page and if you could there was no way to comment. It's funny, but I've come to really depend on my comments!

My friend has written one of the most beautiful letters to her unborn baby. They will be saying goodbye to her shortly as she wont be able to carry the baby to term.  Thank you again to everyone who has prayed for them. It means a lot to me, too.

This is a review week for us for school. Review is interesting. I love to see what Reagan has learned. He's really got a thing for Math at the moment. Now that he's starting to succeed and understand, he's taken off! He made a picture of a rainbow for me today. When he asked me what it reminded me of I told him, my children. He then gently reminded me that a rainbow should remind me of God's promises. I could have cried. To see that God is teaching him also is amazing to me.

Dominic is working this evening. Overtime is a beautiful thing when you're low on money. So, he's working an extra six hours tonight for his family. God love him. I know I do!

My sink is shiny and my routines are finished. I've done all of my zone cleaning this week and all of the FLYlady missions. I've been trying to take it easy, but my nesting instincts are still so strong that I can't seem to do enough de-cluttering or cleaning. I just need to make everything perfect. I can do that, right? With two young kids in the house? Everything can be perfectly clean? Okay, I know I can't. And when I start windexing the kids, somebody hit me!

I'm forcing myself to stop working NOW. I'm not allowed to get up again tonight. I'm just going to watch some candles burn and ENJOY the clean house I've worked so hard for.

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