Wednesday, February 11, 2004

February 12, 2004

I can't believe I haven't written since last Friday! We've had such a busy week.

Despite the increased dose of Terbutaline, I began contracting again Saturday. Back to the hospital we went, where I was informed that despite the regular contractions, my cervix hadn't changed. Well, if there was no cervical change, and I was contracting anyway, then I figured there wasn't any reason to take the cruddy meds anymore. And since then I've been contracting regularly, but I still feel ten times better.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, Piper had suffered a clear runny nose and mild cough for a couple of days when she suddenly started making this weird noise. I listened to her with a stethoscope and thought I heard some wheezing. So, it was off the Urgent Care. They asked us to take her to the ER. After 4 hours of blood tests, nebulizer treatments, X-rays, poking, prodding, and general abuse she was diagnosed with a mild case of PNEUMONIA! Pneumonia? How on Earth did my 20 month old who has been under virtual house arrest with her mommy suddenly develop pneumonia? The Dr. said she was just lucky. Ya, lucky. So, she's on antibiotics and an inhaler. If it hadn't been for the breathing, I wouldn't have known. There had been no change in behavior, appetite, sleeping pattern, anything.

We're both doing better today, although she's crying at me at the moment for taking something away from her. I'm attempting to completely ignore her minor temper tantrum.

This parenting thing can be much harder than it looks! Dominic has been a big help, taking two sick days to help care for the kids since I'm still supposed to be taking it easy. And Reagan has been fantastic, helping immeasurably. I really have such good kids. Despite little tantrums.

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