Monday, February 23, 2004

February 24, 2004

Well, the first few weeks of having a new baby are always interesting. This being the third baby, it's even more so. Piper has continued on her screaming kick, and now I'm trying the new technique of whispering at her when she does it. Who knows if it'll work, but I'll keep trying. Thank God babies learn the sounds of their environment in utero or I'd really be in trouble.

My body is all kinds of interesting as well. I started this pregnancy at 150 lbs. a good 20 lbs. overweight for me. But I only gained 28 lbs. this time as opposed to 45 with my other babies. I attribute that to running after two kids, and drinking a ton of water. In the past week, I've dropped 20 of the 28 lbs. I gained. I even fit into my fat non-maternity pants. It could be a miracle. One day I might actually have some semblance of my old body structure. Other than that, my breasts are again foreign entities who take no direction from me. They fill with milk at the oddest times, sometimes with as something as simple as the baby making a noise. I can no longer take any responsibility for them. I promise to wear pads over them until they stop spraying a shower of milk unexpectedly. I think that will make Dominic happy.

I am loving having all three of them. It definitely beats the third trimester of pregnancy. I was getting everyone ready for bed tonight and loving it. Between helping Reagan floss, teaching Piper about tooth brushing and discovering that Bridget's cord had fallen off during a diaper change, I realized that this is a weird sort of bliss. It's these mundane evenings of story books and sippy cups that I'm going to remember when they're all grown up.

Now, if they could just sell sleep in a bottle, I'd be perfect.

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