Wednesday, February 04, 2004

February 5, 2004

Tuesday was a big day in the Basso house. Monday night I discovered some bloody show, but I wasn't having any more contractions than usual so I decided to wait and see. The next morning I didn't have any more bleeding but I did have more contractions. By afternoon, I had bleeding again. My doctor asked me to go to the hospital to be checked, so off we went!

My cervix had changed, but not dramatically. I'm dilating, I'm effacing, and I'm really soft. But I'm not that open, so an increased dosage of the Terbutaline was the prescription. Like the 2.5 mg didn't make me shaky enough! More stringent bed rest was also advised.

I saw my Doctor yesterday morning and he promised that I'll only have to be on the meds for another week. Thank heaven! Dominic stayed home both days and was fabulous.

My husband actually did our weekly home blessing hour which included dusting and mopping. He cooked dinner (under my supervision from the couch) and took care of the kids. He did it all without being upset. Well, upset with me anyway. He did call me from work today to remind me how much he hates housework.

I love what I do. I love taking care of my family and my home. I take pride in creating a home that's clean, warm and inviting. Especially to my husband who works so hard for us. I can't expect him to perform my duties with a heart of pride. He's not the wife. He goes to work for that. His pride comes in being the provider. I just watched him yesterday and though about how lucky I am to have gotten such a good man for a husband.

Poor Reagan. He's been watching a lot of PBS and reading a lot of books. I've been having him write little book reports and copy favorite passages from books. That is at least keeping up his reading and writing skills. And he's practicing his Math on the computer. We've had so little formal education, however. I'm hoping that next week when I come off the meds and the shaking stops, I'll be able to get at least a weeks worth in before the baby comes.

We currently have over 12 inches of snow out on our balcony from the snow storm last week. We're expecting another 4 inches today. Another snow storm is expected next Monday, right about the time I'll be stopping my medication. Can someone remind me why I thought Winter was a better time to have a baby? Maybe I should try for a Spring baby next time.

Wish me sanity.

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