Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Bug

Sharing is so important to a healthy marriage. I'm just not totally convinced that we need to share the stomach flu. I woke up yesterday morning feeling just gross. I won't go into detail as someone might be eating, but suffice it to say it wasn't pleasant.

Thank heaven for Reagan who was a huge help to me yesterday. I managed to pull myself out of bed to make the kids lunch, but Dominic had to clean up when he got home. Dominic was so sweet. He came home and took care of everything. No, he doesn't do it as well as I do, but that's why I stay home! And I so did not care if the house was clean last night. As long as everyone was in one piece and nothing was broken, I was fine.

I feel much better today, thank you.

I belong to an e-group that is for Christian Attachment Parenting. Lately we've been a bit off topic discussing the issue of modesty for us mothers. Some of the moms only wear dresses and skirts. Some wear head coverings. Some won't wear t-shirts unless they're two sizes too big. It's been food for thought. I'm not the over sized t-shirt wearing kind, but I have changed in my attitudes toward modesty. Especially since I've had daughters. You can dress and look stunning without showing it all off. It seems like putting your body on display and then being mad when men want a piece is a sort of sexual harassment.

I don't want to give up being a woman or being feminine. I am myself first and don't want to lose myself in the identity of a mother. I am a mother but I am so many other things as well. It's just that when my children look back, I want them to remember me as soft, warm, safe and lovely. I think part of that is modesty and treating yourself in a way that is ladylike and respectful.

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