Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Gettin' In The Swing

Well, it's the second day back home, and I'm still getting back into the flow. I've started Reagan back into school with workbooks and he thinks it's a treat. I'm getting laundry caught up and the house back in shape.

Dominic has been home for the last two days with some sort of stomach problem. On the one hand it's great to have him here, but on the other we're not used to it and it does make it a little harder to get things done.

While I was home I was talking with my mom and a girlfriend and they were thinking that I need to start writing for more than just a blog. My mother thinks I'd be a great columnist, like the next Anne Landers. I just wonder how people get started doing such things. It just makes me rememeber that we are all multi-faceted. I have a hundred faces and a hundred lives within me, each one valueable and worth being explored.

Back in my real world, Bridget smiled today, and I swear it was a real smile! Piper is still all about the love with her new sister and Reagan is the little Poppa. My husband makes me laugh and life is good. I still wish I'd had more time in California to visit with friends and family. I think I'll have to plan our next trip better. It seems only dates made in advance work out.

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