Sunday, March 21, 2004


Well, I think we're finally getting back to what we're supposed to be doing. It's a little hard to feel like a homeschooling mom when the main focus of your day is when you can take a nap. Over the last week we've been easing ourselves back into the school routine. Some might think it would be easier just to send Reagan off to school and be done with him for a few hours. I think it's harder to get us both up and him dressed and out the door on time. Not to mention making sure I've got the car if it's too snowy for him to walk. Also, he's such a big help with Piper, I've really enjoyed having him home.

Yesterday we had an issue. Reagan wanted to watch Spy Kids 3D with us which we'd rented for him. We all thought it was a great idea but Reagan needed to clean up his room first. He emerged from his room after cleaning, swearing that it was all done and we didn't even need to check. He usually says this, so it didn't raise any flags for me. After the movie when I looked in his room, it turned out he'd lied.

The question is, how do we discipline? I'm sure most kids try this at some point. Our job is to make sure he understands that there are consequences. Dominic and I took a time out to figure out an appropriate consequence. We wanted it to relate to what he's done so he really understands.

What we came up with is this: 7:30 bedtime for a week. No TV or video privileges for a week. Room cleaning will start at 6:30 and must be completed on time and pass my inspection. We feel that this will show him that he has to earn back our trust (we won't take his word for it that he's cleaned up), that there are consequences when you do something wrong (early bedtime), and when you lie to get something you want sometimes you don't end up with anything at all (no TV or movie privileges). There was no yelling involved. A lot of talking and action. I was so proud of us. And Reagan was ashamed. Just the reaction I was hoping for. I want him to be ashamed when he's done something wrong.

Today there's been a lot of schoolwork. Math continues to be a challenge as we work on money. Reagan can't seem to remember minute to minute what value is assigned to each coin. So, I've decided we'll study the coins. Today we studied the penny, making rubbings and surrounding them with 1 cent signs and the words, "one cent" hoping that will put it in his head. Tomorrow we'll do the nickel. Right now he's working in a Math workbook doing addition. He just needs to keep on working at it until it becomes second nature. He's doing beautifully with his writing and his reading continues to impress me. Right now he's learning an A.A. Milne poem about being a bear as we work through a poetry unit. I've also read Christina Rosetti, as well as many other poets. I just think he'd prefer to memorize a fun poem at this point. We've got to do some more work in History!

Piper is busy being one-year-old and pushing far too quickly towards two. And Bridget thinks there's no better place to sleep than with mommy. I can't blame her, but it does make working around the house a bit of a challenge. I love it though. It's probably going to be a while before another baby comes into our family, so I've got to enjoy all the baby I can get before it's gone.

Laundry calls.

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