Monday, April 05, 2004

3rd Baby Lessons

As I've read blogs of other moms (especially first-time moms) I realized that I have learned many valuable lessons already. Sure there are many more to come, but these are a few that I have learned so far:

  1. When you find that you are having another baby, you truly wonder how you can love it as much as your other child(ren). The truth is you'd love anything that came out of you after carrying it around for nine months and expelling it from your body. I don't care if it's a shoe, it will be your shoe and you will love it!

  2. You worry that you wont give enough attention (i.e. pictures and baby books, etc) to any child that comes after the first. The truth is, you wont, but you'll by too busy and tired to care.

  3. You would think that having a third child would be pretty easy, I mean how much more trouble could it be? The truth is a lot, especially if you're an idiot (like me) and don't allow your last child to get through the temper tantrum stage before having the next one.

  4. You think when you get pregnant the first time that you will essentially look the same after having your baby. The truth is you will never be the same again. Never. And if you are one of those people who was back in size 4 jeans 24 hours after giving birth, I don't like you and I'm going to pretend you don't exist.

  5. You would think stretch marks reach a certain point and then stop. The truth is they don't. I'm thouroughly convinced that if I keep having children, the stretch marks will one day cover my body from head to toe.

  6. Some mothers believe that their minds will come back to them. The truth is that the brain cells lost during pregnancy cannot be regained. And trying to deal logically with toddlers, or even older children who do just CRAZY things will only lead to the destruction of more brain cells, eventually leading you to become mother.

  7. First time moms don't believe in their mother's curse. The truth is when your mother said she wished you'd have a child just like you, some bell rang in heaven and it was made so. Sorry.

The bright side is they're really adorable, and at least once in a 24 hour period they will all be asleep reminding you that they're precious and you should keep them for at least another day.

Note: After reading this to my mother she wanted people to know that she had 4 children but still says that the mind comes back after they've all left the house. That gave the poor woman over 40 years of this. I'm still not convinced, but she says she's honestly getting better.

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