Friday, April 16, 2004

Becoming a Catholic

Today was a beautiful day. We got up early to take Dominic to work and then went to church for the Easter egg hunt and our rehearsal. It turns out a high number of people are joining the Catholic Church this year and I wonder how many of them are unhappy Episcopalians, like me.

The rehearsal went for about 2 hours, and Father Peter (as well as all of us RCIA people) made a lot of jokes. It was good fun. Then we went home for naps.

The service started at 7:30. It was beautiful. Candles were lit throughout the church and the incense smelled wonderful. Bridget was baptized by immersion. Happily Father Peter didn't drop her in the baptismal font. We thought that would be bad. But because Father was so worried about dropping her she really just got her back wet. Then Dominic took her away to put on her pretty Christening dress.

I didn't forget my lines and was annointed with chrism that smelled really good. Father used an awful lot of it though. Everytime my hand brushed against my head it would get all oily. I didn't want to wash the baby either, her chrism smelled good too!

The service was long and wonderful. And the children were remarkable well behaved. Our Tio held Piper almost the whole time. I'd be good for him too, he's a big guy! I was surprised by how excited everyone was. A number of people even brought us gifts. One gift was a beautiful Celtic rosary that was handmade just for me.

I took part in the Eucharist for the first time. I felt as if I was in communion with the entire congregation, as well as Christ. Even though I really wanted to join the church, I really didn't expect it to feel as meaningful as it did.

I didn't just become a Catholic. I came home.

Then we all went to bed and crashed.

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