Thursday, April 01, 2004


Yay for us! We actually made it to play group today. Reagan is getting plenty of playtime with A. downstairs and yesterday celebrated a birthday with a little girl who lives on the first floor. It's nice to see him making friends.

I was informed by a mom at playgroup today that Piper actually taught her son to scream. That's my girl! Already leading the boys astray. His mom thought it was funny.

You know, they do a hearing check on newborns, and I have been assured by trustworthy medical professionals that my daughter is not hard of hearing. So why is it that at the park she can't hear my voice when I call her name. I can literally be feet from her face calling her, and she doesn't even flinch. She couldn't possibly be ignoring me at 21 months old!

She is all spunky though, I have to give her credit. The kids just wore me out at the park and I still have a bunch of errands to run today. Wish me luck!

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