Sunday, April 18, 2004

Science Gone Bad

You know, I'm really glad I love my children so much. I've decided that the need to remind myself upon occasion that they are blessings, well, that makes me normal. We were doing a science experiment on evaporation, and Piper totally ruined it. We had two glasses of water on the balcony and she got out and spilled the one that we were observing evaporation in.

She's got such a strong spirit. I struggle for ways to provide limits and boundaries without stifling who she is. Sometimes I wish they came with instructions. Even Bridget is proving to be different from both her brother and her sister and I'm learning new tricks to keep them all happy, healthy, and in line.

School at least is going well. I'm looking at curriculum for next year and have found one that I'd really like to do. It would cost about $150 for all the textbooks, so I've got to find a way to get the money. It's still cheaper than private school! And we get all the benifits of being together as a family. Next year Reagan will make his first communion, so there will be a lot of prep work at home as well as at church.

Reagan's Nanna had offered to pay for Karate lessons which he'd really like to do. I've decided to decline the offer at this time. We're having a hard time making ends meet, and I just can't justify accepting money to send him to Karate when what we really need is the child support that allows us to buy him new pants, and food. Her offer was very kind and I hope she's not offended, but I just can't take money for that at this time. I kind of feel like if she'd like to be helpful, she could help her son make his child support payments.

Let this be a lesson to all unmarried girls. THERE'S A REASON YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE MARRIED! Reagan is a great light in my life. But he deserved better than a father who won't support him and rarely sees him. I must give Glory to God for sending Dominic into our lives. At least Reagan has a father who loves him in his life every day.

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