Friday, May 14, 2004

Back To Work

While as a homeschooling mother I find ways to bring learning into all aspects of our lives, we returned to a bit of bookwork today. We caught up on some Spelling and began a new Spanish text as well as moving on to some new Math concepts. I'm not relying on our curricula the way I have in the past, merely using it now as a jumping off point. Our new Spanish book came complete with flash cards, and songs to teach that go along with each unit. Our Math game is computerized and allows Reagan not only to see what he's doing, but to hear it and touch it (with the mouse). With Math it seems as if he's finally ready to learn it. As if his mind has now reached the place where these concepts can make sense. He's also become more capable of working on his own. I can give him tasks to complete and he'll only come to me if he doesn't understand something. His attitude has come a long way as well. He is not as quick to tears and gets frustrated less often. That does my heart good. Piper seems eager to join her brother at the school table. She'll often climb up onto a chair and grab a pencil. If we're not careful sometimes his schoolwork will be marked on. I like being my son's teacher. I like that we played this morning while his friends were all in classrooms. I like being able to spend so much time with my children. I'm looking forward to one day having all three of them sitting around the table. Maybe by then we'll have more children. But I want my house and my minivan first!

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