Saturday, May 08, 2004

Big Bad Bloggin' Mama

I am a bad blogger! Again, too busy living life to write about it.

Thursday I flew to Denver. My friend Jennifer and I used to get together every Thursday, back in college, and watch Friends. Then we'd go to Starbucks and come back for ER. Oh, and we'd crochet because secretly we're 90 year old women trapped in the bodies of twenty-somethings. So this Thursday in honor of the very last episode of Friends (and the end of an era in a way for us) I flew to Denver to see the last episode with her. Gotta love airline benifits.

I only took Bridget with me and it was like a vacation. Moving through the airport without three kids was so much easier. Since Bridget just hangs out in the sling, it was soooo easy. She slept pretty much the whole way too, which was really nice. I even got to read. Can you imagine? I had a good time. It's so great to be with such a dear friend. Jennifer is actually more than that, she's my oldest friend and pretty much my sister. I can't think of anyone on the planet (my husband and mother excluded) who knows me as well.

On the homeschooling front Reagan and I have been getting away from this years curriculum. I can't take it anymore, it's so boring. I'm completely burned out on it and can't wait for something else. So we're reading books, reading the atlas for kids we got, looking Science topics up on the internet, writing simple page reports, and using the Math software. Honestly I think the Math game has taught him more than I have this year. He continues to surprise me with concepts I didn't think he understood a few months ago suddenly coming up again as fully realized pieces of knowledge. I wonder sometimes if it's me teaching him or him teaching me.

I have lost a couple of pounds with healthy eating and exercise. I'm continuing the regime but have yet to see the effects on my mood that I would like. The depression is starting to show itself in a shorter temper than I would like. I don't want my children to remember their mother as someone who had a short fuse so I'm REALLY having to practice self control.

It's getting to be my bedtime. I suppose I should log off now. I promise I'll get better at the blogging.

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