Monday, May 17, 2004

Daddy's Home

Dominic's Home!!!

You know, life is just not as good without the Daddy. I don't get to sleep as easily, I don't stay asleep, and my sleep is not as restful when my man is away. I don't think he enjoys the separation either. He came home this morning, and while he has spent a lot of time on the computer playing a game that he loves and hasn't played in a while, he's also spent time helping me with the kids and playing with them.

I can tell how much the kids missed him. They seemed to want to be with him all day. Even Bridget let him know how much she loves Daddy by laughing for him tonight. Laughing is brand new for Bridget (and it's SO cute!).

So, the mundane continues. Grocery shopping, cooking, teaching, and today at least, enjoying the company of my husband. I appreciate him so much more after he's been away.

See, Honey? A whole post just for you!

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