Sunday, May 02, 2004

Leading Little One's To Faith

One thing I wish there was more of is married women who are mature in their faith and the Church giving guidance to younger women. In our culture we are so separated from each other within our communities that this is not done so much anymore. We didn't stop needing it, we simply have stopped doing it.

I could use the wisdom of older mothers regarding my children. I could use the wisdom of older wives regarding my marriage. I could certainly use the wisdom of more experienced cooks and homekeepers! As I've expressed before, this present generation of women was not raised to manage their homes and families. Most of us are a bit lost and we don't have nearly as much to do as our great-grandmothers did.

I don't like my curriculum anymore. I'm getting farther and farther from it all the time. I want more of God in my curriculum. I want the faith of our family to be infused in the subjects. This week I'm going to start with Sister Wendy's Book of Prayer in Art for Children. It's a beautiful book that will not only teach us about the art, but about our personal relationship with Our Heavenly Father.

I've realized that I want this blog to be more than just a chronicle of our family. I want to discuss the things that I'm learning, so that I can share it with other mothers. Perhaps it will inspire someone, or give comfort. It has been such a relief to know that other women have been through the same things I have and that their children are ok.

On a more personal family note, it was a lovely mass this morning. Fr. Peter blessed my rosary which made me happy. Reagan really needs a book explaining the mass, I think he'll get more out of it that way. Every time I attend mass I feel as if my faith has been renewed and I've been given what I need to get through another week. I hope that I can share that with my children in a way that is understandable to them. A number of older women I have spoken to have talked about their children leaving the church, and I want my children to stay!

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