Thursday, June 03, 2004

Baby Talk

There are so many things that I would hate to give up to have a career. Right now one of those things is hearing my daughter learn to talk. Her birthday is on Friday. She's going to be two years old. Her vocabulary is expanding daily with little words like "bye-bye" "baby" "Mama" and so on. She even says "Jidget" for Bridget. She's putting things together and is so proud of herself. It's such fun to watch.

She's getting ready for a toddler bed. She sleeps in one at my parents house and loves it. She went to bed early one night out of excitement for her bed. She climbs in and I kneel down next to it, we say our prayers and I kiss her goodnight. I love it.

Bridget has slept through the night most of this week, it's been so nice! She's so different from her sister. I can put her in her bassinet still awake and she'll drift off to sleep on her own. Then if she wakes up she comes to bed with us. She's also laughing out loud now. I love watching babies develop.

Now if I could only stop feeling so tired all the time!

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