Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Education For Homeschooling Parents

I've heard a lot lately in the news and so forth, that some states would like their homeschooling parents to be "properly" trained and educated. I know it's much easier here in Minnesota to homeschool your children if you have a degree of some kind (it cuts down on the paperwork). I've always found it a bit offensive that they'd trust me more with my own children if I had a degree in underwater basket weaving than they do despite being a trained nurse. Which is not to discount the value of a college education, I just don't believe that the only people who are smart enough to educate their children have a degree on their wall.

I've stated before that I could go to almost any college in the country and receive a degree. I'm certainly intelligent enough. I one day would like to go back to school to continue my training as a nurse. This is not the time, however, and the truth is I don't enjoy school the way some people do. My older sister could probably be a professional student. At my age she'd gone back to school at UCLA to get a teacher's credential. I actually have two sisters who received advanced degrees, the other sister receiving a degree from USC.  Both of my parents have graduate degrees as well.  But I don't.  It's not that I don't enjoy learning, I just prefer educating myself. Which led me to wonder how many homeschooling parents (at least the one's who read my blog) are college educated.

Regardless of our training we have one goal that binds us: The strong desire to raise smart, happy, healthy kids. We are taking a road less traveled by that is growing stronger in number every day. Some people, even within our own families at times, think we're crazy. But we see the wonderful results in the faces of our children.

Keep it up ladies (and gentlemen) you're doing a great job!

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