Thursday, June 24, 2004

Education For the Whole Family

Now that I have all four children under one roof, I'd like to begin educating in a way that will include all of them in whatever way they are capable. Karina is in a private school in California, and I know she's not really interested in "schoolwork" over the summer, though she's never adverse to learning and when she's here she's just as much a part of the family which means, she's homeschooled. Piper is, of course, a bit too young to do too much, but she might like stories and pictures. Bridget will have to be content to just sit and listen.

So, now the trick is to find a subject and tailor it to meet everyone's needs. I'm thinking this might be the place where unit studies become really helpful. So, for Summer I'm thinking studying nature, astronomy, or perhaps just the season. I think I can find ways to bring all subjects in. It's kind of exciting. I've decided that for me homeschooling is analogous to working out. If I don't vary my routine, I become bored and don't particularly want to do it anymore.

We made it to playgroup today and had a really nice time despite the wind making it seem much colder than it really was. Then I went with another mom to McDonalds with the kids. It was good for the kids and really good for us. I'm still getting out of the post-partum withdrawal phase and she's going through some things and we both just need a friend. I don't really have too many friends here, and the women in my support group are such awesome women. I'm grateful for any opportunity to get to know them better. Everyone has been so eager to help. Call it the Midwestern upbringing I got in Sunny California, but I'm still reluctant to take it. My parents were so good at instilling the idea that I shouldn't inconvenience anyone. I have to remember that it's sort of like cooperative parenting, and we help each other.

Time to go look for Unit Study material!

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