Tuesday, June 08, 2004

My kids are smart, really they're smart!

Okay, so I had a moment today where I needed to be reminded that my children really are intellegent beings capable of learning from their own experiences. See, I was emptying the dishwasher and there's this piece that juts up from the lower rack, I assume water shoots through it during the washing process. Out of curiosity Piper stuck an index finger into it which then became stuck. She cried, I unstuck her and went back to my work. So she looked at her finger, then looked at the other hand and stuck THAT index finger in. Surprise, surprise, she found that yes, that finger would also get stuck. She cried, I unstuck her and went back to my work.

Now, can you picture what happens next? Come on, I'll bet you can. Yes, you guessed it, she looked at her hands and went to stick the first finger back in. At this point I had to say something. So I took her hands (which she didn't like) and calmly informed her that yes, her fingers would stick and would she stop doing that! What was she thinking, exactly? I believe this is part of what child development experts call the "Little Scientist" phase. As phases go, not one of my favorites, but it does make for good blogging material.

Another thing that makes for good blogging material is trying to explain the joy that is potty training. I have friends with twins which I always thought would be great, until I think of potty training. I've been letting Piper go bottomless to ease the training experience and have been oddly suprised that there hasn't been more mess. The messes she has made, however, have been spectacularly bad. She's gifted in so many ways. If anyone has suggestions on how to make potty training work, I'd love to hear it.

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