Thursday, July 22, 2004

Megan Mullaly at the Airport

First I will start off by saying that Will & Grace has so much of what's wrong with television today. But, it's also funny, and it's a guilty little pleasure of mine. Obviously the kids can't watch it, so I don't often. But when I can, I do.

So I flew into LAX last night to see my family and take Karina home. LAX is one of those places where you just never know who you'll run into. The kids had been wonderful on the flight and we were having a good night. One lady on the flight (a foreign lady) was complimenting my children and saying what a beautiful baby I had. I liked her. As I was walking up to the baggage claim I saw the woman from the plane talking to a second woman who's back was to me. The second woman (American) was complaining about Americans, but in a playful way. Me just being me totally joined into the conversation saying something about why I married a Mexican. The American woman turns around at this point, laughs, puts a hand on my shoulder, gushes over Bridget for a moment and then walks off. It had taken me a minute just because I couldn't believe it was her, but as she walked away I asked the people all standing around, "Was that Megan Mullaly?" "It's the girl from the Will and The Grace" an Italian man said. Okay, well then. So, Megan Mullaly thinks my baby is cute. I guess it's not that important, but I love celebrity sighting.

Tonight we went for dessert with friends and had a really good time. I'm having so much fun with these kids, I'm really not wanting to take Karina home!

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