Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Summertime Colds and Trips to the Woodshed

The last few days have been pretty yucky, as we have all come down with a Summer cold. Why is it that colds seem to be so much worse when they hit during the Summer? Last night I slept semi-upright in our easy chair that Dominic lovingly moved into the bedroom for me so that I would have the benefit of air conditioning. He put the chair where we'd had the bassinette. The bassinette wasn't there because *sniff sniff* our little Bridget slept in the crib for the first time. She's been sleeping through the night most nights, and Piper has had time to get used to sleeping in her toddler bed so, it was time to move her.

We've got four kids sleeping in one room. The room is plenty big enough. I am kind of hoping to get a bigger chest of drawers, however. Then it would be really nice. Not that I feel like doing much of anything at the moment, 'cause I feel all cruddy!

Piper is getting easier and easier to deal with. I've been to this website called A Trip To the Woodshed. Elizabeth's advice seems to be just what she needs. I wanted to be a mother who didn't spank, but apperantly she needs it. Now I would like to point out that the advice at this website in the wrong hands could be abusive. On the other hands parents that tend to be abusive don't need a website to get them going. Piper needs a firmer hand than Reagan did. Piper is learning with this system that she cannot get away with throwing fits. I'm easier to get along with and we're having more fun. I recommend checking out the site, and as always, take what works and leave what doesn't. Parenting styles don't work the same for every kid let alone every parent. But her system is working for me!

And here's a big God Bless My Husband who has been hit with the cold also and has been working anyway. I am so blessed by him. He's a good husband and a good father. My mom was told that many men leave their wives when they get breast cancer. I can take comfort (as can she with her husband) that I married a man whom I can truly count on in times of sickness and health.

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