Thursday, August 19, 2004

Bridget Is Getting Older

We had playgroup at another mom's BEAUTIFUL house today. Oh, how it made me long for a house! I don't covet it though, because she's wonderful and absolutely deserves to have all five thousand square feet of it. My whole apartment could fit in her basement though! We were talking about solid food readiness cues, and I finally had to admit that Bridget is telling me she's ready. She opens her mouth for my food and tries to eat things, so I figured I should start her on some cereal.

First she looked like I'd placed a bug in her mouth and spit most of it out. But by the end of the feeding she was opening her mouth for the spoon and actually swallowing it. My baby is growing up. I even carried her in the hip straddle hold in the sling today and she nursed sitting up like that. She's making that transition from younger baby to older baby. It makes me a little sad. I mean, I want her to grow up all healthy and happy, but does she have to do it so fast?

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