Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ezzo In Australia

I have posted before about Gary Ezzo and his Babywise program. I find the man frightening. Not simply because I think his methods are off, but because I believe him to be dishonest. The more I read about this man and his "ministry" the more I fear for his soul, and the families who follow him. I know TulipGirl and I have disagreed on some things, but I respect her opinion very much. She seems to be a wonderful mother who discovered firsthand why Babywise isn't. Check out her post about the new programs starting up in Australia.

I wonder how Mr. Ezzo will explain the failure to thrive babies who are sure to turn up there? The parents who follow Mr. Ezzo's methods are honestly trying to do what is best for their families, but he seems to have quite a knack for twisting his opinion into what seems like biblical fact. TulipGirl's post, as well as my post (linked above) have a great deal of informative links for anyone interested in education regarding the flat out danger of the methods.

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