Monday, August 02, 2004

The Fruits of Training

Tonight we had a guest in our home. On of Dominic's co-workers came over this evening to jump start our car (I'd left my door open all night) and she stayed for dinner. Piper attempted to have a fit once, though with none of the ferocity she has shown in the past, and ended up sitting with me in the kitchen for a bit. We're training right now on sitting without getting up so that we can sit in church, so it worked out nicely. Her attitude, while not perfect, is SO much improved. It was nice to have children that could sit and play while the grown-up's talked. I spent much less time on training and discipline today and much more time "tying strings" and enjoying their company.

I know that the mom's who read my blog come from many different backgrounds, beliefs, and parenting philosophies and I'm grateful to have such encouragement and acceptance. It still blows me away what a community this is, and how connected we are through this strange contraption they call a computer.

I wonder if any of you moms have seen the show "Amish in the City" about the kids who have left the Amish community to be part of a house shared with some "English" kids. I missed the first episode, but it's stirred much talk in our home. Dominic and I think we'd actually really like the Amish lifestyle. One where life would revolve around our God, the land, and our family. It sounds like work, but good work, work you could be proud of at the end of the day. A life where women are women and men are men. A life where you can draw close to God, and close to your family. I wonder if we haven't romanticized it a bit too much. But I can remember seeing them in their buggies when I was a little girl driving through the Midwest. And I was as taken by them then as I am now.

Food for thought anyway.

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