Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I Love Having the Car

I love having the car. We got up this morning and took Dominic to work. Because I had the car, we could then go to the park. I had so much fun watching the kids play, even though Piper decided her hair was as good a way as any to take home sand to play with later. Then we came home (after getting a treat at the Walgreens) and had lunch and naps. NO not for me, even if I do have to work all night long! After that we made Play-doh, light blue because Jennifer told me to.

We were able to pick Daddy up for dinner and take him back, and later I'll go to work in it. Daddy and I did have a little spat though. It's over a moral issue where I believe I'm totally right. Now here's a moral question: If your husband tells you not to do something that you believe is the right thing to do, which do you pick? I have a moral obligation to do what's right, as well as an obligation to submit to my husband. Which takes precedence? I think it's doing what's right. But what if I'm wrong? I don't think I am, but I do respect my husband very much. Tough thing. What's funny is that it was all about a situation we aren't even in! We just get all fired up about these things sometimes.

Anyway, moral dilemmas. The curse of the conscience, I suppose!

I'm so glad my husband knows how much I love him.

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