Sunday, August 29, 2004

Our New Curriculum

Well, we are on our 3rd day of our new school year. We are having so much fun! I love the way this curriculum is set up! 2-3 pages a week in Grammar, 2 pages a week in Spelling (with a few extra excercises), Science, Reading, Religion, it's all good.

At first I thought that it was too small and that we'd go through it too fast, but I'm finding that's not at all the case. There are so many assignments I can come up with from what I have. For Science it's set up with different objectives depending on your child's grade (1st-3rd) You might have a first and third grader both studying animals but the first grader is learning about mammels, while the third grader is learning about vertebrates. Reagan is learning about reptiles, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, and gathering and storing food. With just a good on-line Encyclopeadia he's having so much fun. He's been able to see a crocodile born, listen to the sound a black rhino makes, and compare the skull of a bobcat and a beaver.

I'm pulling out coloring books for Piper, who definitely wants to be part of the action. And when Reagan is busy doing work or reading alone, I sit and sort legos or play or read with her. Bridget is still pretty content to sit and watch us while stuffing toys in her mouth. I really thought one of her teeth would have broken through by now, but she's still got a gummy smile.

I found a town-house on-line. Rent to own, only a little bit more than we're paying for rent here. Please pray for us, it has 3 bedrooms and a little yard!!!

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