Monday, August 30, 2004

Target Math

We went to Target today to get a week's worth of groceries, and I took the opportunity to make it a Math lesson. We'd pick up an item, I'd mention how much it cost, and Reagan would have to tell me what money he would give me to equal that amount. Great practical lesson, and I found he's getting very good at money!

Piper was wonderful at the store and didn't have to be spoken to once. I am taking a harder stance with them on begging though. Neither of them really whine, because they know I don't like it, but they beg (just not in a whiny voice). This afternoon Reagan was bugging me for his treat, so I made him wait longer. Piper wanted a cookie, and had asked nicely, so I had Reagan give her one. She began crying because she wanted two. So, I had Reagan take away the first cookie. It hurt me to do so, because I really wanted to give her two cookies! But the message I would have sent her would have encouraged an ungrateful attitude. She got over it pretty quickly and later when I gave her a cookie, she didn't cry for a second one. Lesson learned.

We continued the first week of our lessons, with Reagan getting all of his Spelling words right on his quiz. He spent a lot of time writing today. We're still working on writing complete sentences. He's allready learned a poem! Today we looked at omnivores and how they are primary and secondary consumers. I figure even if he doesn't understand everything I teach him about these things, they're still making a little imprint from which to build later. I've been amazed at how much I've taught that I didn't even think he heard, only to hear it repeated almost verbatim several months later. I think with some things kids just store it away and pull it out later when they're capable of comprehension.

I'm currently reading No Greater Joy volumes I & II and am enjoying them very much. I'll be sure to give a review when I'm done!

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