Friday, August 27, 2004

Zoo Time

It was a busy day today. We were all up early and took Dominic to work. From there we stopped to get gas and head to the zoo. Now, it's State Fair time here in Minnesota and the Como Zoo is only a couple of blocks away from the fairgrounds. We actually got there before it even opened. We had to stand and wait for about 15 minutes. But we were the first ones in the gate! The Como Zoo is wondeful for the homeschooling mom on the budget. It's free! We had lunch and watched the Sparky Show, which features a California Sea Lion. We had a blast.

The facility where I work is right around the corner from the zoo so we stopped in for a visit. I'm still waiting for our "official" training to be volunteers, but in the meantime I still want to go and visit residents. It is such a blessing for us. I really can't think of a better fit. I have a seven-year-old who likes to talk about himself, and a baby who loves to be held. No one likes hearing a seve-year-old talk about himself or holding a baby more than the elderly, it seems. Piper just likes looking out the window and climbing up in the occasional lap for a cuddle. She's much like a cat that way.

This afternoon I finally called over to the office to see if there was a package for us. And not only was there a package, but it had been there for a week! Now, I know for a FACT that UPS never even attempted to leave it with me. I was waiting for that package and when I left the house I would come home looking for one of the little slips they leave when you're out and I would check the call ID which tells me if someone tried to call from the lobby. There was no such call! This is the fourth time that this is happened. The last time it was a baby gift from my sister. Eventually the office called and told me I had a package. I'm lucky the baby hadn't outgrown the clothes! For the most part I like UPS, but the occassional lazy delivery person makes it look bad.

So, we finally have Reagan's curriculum. He was so excited (as was I) that we have gotten started right away. In the last hour we've done Spelling, LA, & Religion. We still have Science, Math, and History to go. I never finished our History book last year and I liked it, so I think this year I'll get the workbook and we'll actually complete it. Busy, busy, busy! Hopefully by starting early and doing year-round-school we'll be able to take breaks when we need it and recharge our batteries. Well, I'm off to educate!

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